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Saturday, December 10, 2005


My black leather bag was thrown into the back ofa jeep at the primitive airport where steel music welcomed the travel weary visitors. Soon I sat terrified in the careening vehicle. The roads were curvy, bumpy and narrow and frequently I would look up to see a vehicle coming right at me. I gasped and grabbed at the dash. My host laughed and said, in a very European accent, “Not used to driving on the left I see.”

I recently flew to the Cayman Islands to paint a mural. The Caymanians drive like madmen on the left side of the road in this British Colony. The mural was to be a harbor scene on an interior wall in a restaurant with a special twist. The mural will in fact be painted twice, the second time with invisible paints that glow under black light, giving an effect of a nighttime scene. By day, the harbor scene flanked by palm trees showed a variety of island activities; boating, beaching, fishing and dining. At night; a glowing moon dominated the sky and the lighthouse beamed it’s light, the ocean water reflected sparkles of light and the sky was filled with billions and billions of stars. Little party lights were painted on the depiction of the patio and little tiki torches illuminated the activity that was depicted at the beach.

When complete, my host was very pleased and made the prediction that I would return to the Island to paint another mural very soon.

With the work done, my host then gave me a tour of the Island. During this motorized outing I saw no rhyme or reason for the traffic behavior that goes on here. Island time, to me, means relax, meditate, enjoy chilling out and let the ocean lull you to sleep - but get on the road and everything is different. Stop signs are ignored. Cars careen around tight corners they can’t see around and intersections and traffic circles are haphazardly maneuvered through going on the wrong side of the road in fast-forward.

Now safe and secure at Lazydays, I can laugh about the hair raising, island experience and be grateful for the opportunities to go to fascinating destinations and become involved with interesting projects. Now a couple of motor home murals are waiting and the Holidays are here. Christmas is a time of beginning and the New Year, filled with promise, fills my heart with joy.

During this special time, my wish for my friends all across the Country and my partners at Lazydays is the very best of health and happiness for you and your family.

Dave "Letterfly" Knoderer

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